Introduction to Your Health Your Way

Introduction from ABL Health CEO Denise Leslie

This is the first of our monthly newsletters we have planned to tell you about the new Integrated Wellbeing Service.

Your Health, Your Way goes live on 1st April and will support Nottinghamshire residents to get active, lose weight and quit smoking. The service will also provide support for falls prevention and family weight management.

ABL Health is a community health care provider working across the north of England and beyond helping people lead healthier, happier lives. Although we are new to Nottinghamshire, since ABL won the contract in September 2019, we have had a team working across Nottinghamshire. We have met a host of local people and different organisations to make sure they know about the service and that we get to know what local provisions are available to avoid replicating any of the fantastic work that is going on already across the county.

ABL Health has recently had its 10-year anniversary and I am one of the people who started ABL. Born in inner city Bradford, I was aware from an early age that people in different areas have differences in how healthy they are. I wanted to start a new way of doing things that worked with people to help them find answers for themselves and help them with what has stopped them before now. We stay true to our values to be people powered, thoughtful, bold and creative to ensure we can help people to be healthier and happier for longer.

Elements of Your Health Your Way

Stop smoking (for current smokers aged 12+) Group and 1:1 interventions that are flexible and responsive to individual needs, combined with quick access to pharmacotherapy. Self-help techniques are utilised across all interventions, enabling a maintained quit and resilience to relapse.

Manage your weight (Adults BMI 30+, Children aged 4+/BMI on 91st Centile) – ABL has extensive experience in delivering successful evidence-based weight management services for adults, families and young people. Our service supports individuals including pregnant women and families to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and all sessions are designed to be fun and inclusive for all.

Physical Activity (for those aged 18+ who complete less than 60-minutes moderate physical activity per week) – We provide a range of community-based sessions, supporting people to break down barriers to exercise and set achievable, realistic activity goals. We will also support local initiatives to encourage clients to increase their activity outside of our sessions.

Drink less Alcohol (for those aged 18+, AUDIT-C 15 or below) – We deliver a range of 1-1 and group sessions that support people to reduce their alcohol intake and drink within the recommended guidelines. The supportive, non-judgemental sessions aim to raise awareness of the adverse health consequences associated with alcohol consumption.

Falls Prevention – Our experienced staff deliver and co-ordinate a range of falls prevention sessions, supporting anyone over the age of 55 who has mobility or stability challenges. Encourage clients to increase their activity outside of our sessions.

Covid-19 Update

Due to the recent developments with the government’s strategy to limit the spread of COVID-19 we have taken the decision to postpone our district launch events. We are hoping to reschedule these at a more appropriate time once the situation becomes clearer and we will keep you updated in due course.

While the Your Health, Your Way service will still go live April 1st as planned, the Engage falls prevention service will be suspended for the foreseeable future to help protect some of our more at-risk service users. Other elements of the service may also be temporarily affected as we will be looking to reduce face to face delivery and promote telephone support and the use of our digital services where appropriate.

How to refer

The service will be accessible to all Nottinghamshire residents via self or third-party referral. We have a single online referral form for easy referral for clients and health professionals. Electronic referrals can be made via the F12 function on SystmOne. Self-referral can be completed via the app, website ( or by calling our administration team on 0115 772 2515. Referrals can also be made direct from hospitals or via email. All referrals processed within 1 working day. We will be sending out a reminder on how to refer with all relevant contact details once the service goes live.

Further information can be found in our Your Health Your Way newsletter.

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